Scholarship for MBA Applicants

Stacy Blackman Consulting is proud to be participating in the Beat the GMAT Scholarship for the second year in a row.  This year’s prizes are really fantastic – the first prize is valued at $7,890.  If you are not familiar with this scholarship, read on for more information.  It’s a great opportunity to receive some truly outstanding help in the MBA admissions process – for free!

Beat The GMAT is an MBA discussion community with a mission to help people achieve their full potential on the GMAT® and business school admissions by connecting them to the best resources available. In this spirit, Beat The GMAT is proud to host the annual Beat The GMAT Scholarship competition, co-sponsored by ManhattanGMAT and Stacy Blackman Consulting.  We will be distributing five scholarship packages valued over $15,000 this spring!

Submit your application by May 1, 2008. Competition ends in 60 days.  To learn more about how to apply, visit this scholarship information page

We look forward to reviewing your applications and working with some of you.  Good luck!! 

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