SBC Launches a New Series: 21 Day Projects

21 Day ProjectsHave you ever heard the notion that it takes three weeks to form a habit? I’m a firm believer in the cumulative effects of small actions completed each and every day, but I know that lots of us need a little nudge to get them going in the right direction.

In that spirit, we’re launching a new series called 21 Day Projects. Each day for three weeks, you’ll receive an email with actionable tips that put you one step closer to whatever goal you’d like to accomplish.

If you are struggling with the discipline necessary to achieve your goals, take on the Get More Done Project and you’ll be happy to learn that habits of top performers can be replicated.

When hundreds of applicants share the basics of your resume, how do you position yourself in a way that is unique, authentic and personal? The Develop Your Brand Project will show you how.

Whether you are angling for a new job, a promotion, a spot in an MBA program or just looking to broaden opportunities, it’s all about who you know. Our Up Your Networking Game Project is for those who love to network and even more for those who hate it.

A business school resume is different from the one you use for a job search. At the end of three weeks doing the Create Your Resume Project, you’ll have a document that can help to sell you throughout your MBA application process.

Some admissions directors say that the letters of recommendation comprise the single most important aspect of your MBA application. Spend 21 days with SBC, read an email each day from the Letters of Recommendation Project, and learn how to elicit the strongest and most compelling letters from those who write on your behalf.

No matter which area you need help focusing on, subscribe today and you’ll be shocked at how much you can achieve in just 21 days if you truly put your mind to it.

If you are looking for MBA application guidance but are always on the go, consider downloading the audio version of The MBA Application Roadmap. Now you can develop your admissions strategy while you exercise, clean up or during your morning commute.

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