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We bring you more news and views from the front lines this week with business school applicants, students and professors sounding off on life in the trenches.

Summer internship securedHarvard Bound has just five weeks left of RC year and checks in after a month-long hiatus with the exciting news that she’s secured a summer internship at the D.C. organization, The Global Fund for Children. In other news, she’s looking at course options for her EC year and lamenting the lack of funds needed for the international trips some of her HBS classmates will embark on this summer.

Is Fuqua right for me?Sunnyside Up! wonders whether now is the right time for business school, given the drastic changes to the economic landscape since last fall. After her experiences at Blue Devil Weekend, and weighing the timing against her growing responsibilities at work, Sunnyside has declined Duke’s offer of admission and awaits word from Haas.

Laying claim to the “thoughtlet”The.Grey.One offers multiple thoughtlets on many topics in this post; he bids a sad farewell to fellow blogger MaybeMBA, offers some book recommendations, discusses social networking and gears up for a visit to Evanston for Kellogg’s DAK II function. He also finds it amusing that he’s the only blogger of Kellogg’s 2011 class admitted in R2!

The quarter-million gamble — “What really gets to me about funding my MBA is the thought that I could surely be doing something more worthwhile with my savings than going bankrupt and then taking on debt, ” D.G. ponders in a recent post. After envisioning ways to make that money work for him, he comes back to the non-financial opportunities b-school offers.

Red Carpet Weekend recapWake Forest’s admitted students weekend proved wonderful for Omne, who enjoyed team-building activities such as the human knots game, a mini bike making challenge, wine tasting and more. All in all a great weekend, he says, adding that some people paid their deposit then and there, “a testament to how much fun the weekend was!”

It’s all about the peopleMechanigal shares a great adage for business school and life in general: your network is a measure of your net worth. After a great session with second-years who gave advice on electives, she says the most useful thing she heard was to make time for recruiting because when you graduate, you’ll value having a job more than having an A in the most difficult course at Darden.

The mercilessness of 2nd quarterMetal doesn’t understand what second years mean when they call second semester at McCombs a cake walk; he says “It has been an uphill climb with a sack of bricks to carry.” Nevertheless, he thoroughly enjoys it and has spent the past week juggling apartment hunting, class assignments, the search for summer projects, and personal issues involving his far-flung family and girlfriend.


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