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Hello and welcome to a fresh installment of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz! This week’s featured bloggers are just getting into the Zone, whether that means hard-core essay writing, GMAT cramming, or taking a moment to reflect on their MBA journeys as they gear up for the classes, cases, conferences, and competitions that await them.

Updates on every frontThe Phoenix has been a busy bee since we last checked in as he writes and re-writes multiple essay drafts and is faced with a never-expected problem…struggling to encapsulate his life into 600 or fewer words. He also offers essay advice in this post, and shares his decision about applying to a fourth school in round one.

Preliminary G-Day results are in –After spending 41 days preparing for the GMAT, Kruthika realized that this just wasn’t enough to get to her target score. While she has always done well in SC, she admits that math has never been her cup of tea, and RC is her weakest area. The exam day started off with snarled traffic, a six-floor hike, and total mind-freeze, which ultimately translated into a less-than-stellar score. We wish you better luck for next go-around in late October.

Remember when… — My, how life has changed since Ellipser began his b-school application journey! With the first few weeks at Cornell’s Johnson School now under his belt, he decided to dedicate a post to providing some fresh prospective on an entry from March called “Remember When… App Nostalgia“. Here’s a sampling of what Ellipser is waxing nostalgic about: “Remember when… we used to make up questions just to have a touch point with admissions officers? HAHAHA so true!  And now the admissions officers are our friends!  It’s nice to see them in their own element.”

The engineer-to-MBA story — We’re happy to feature the b-school musings of Engineer to MBA, a group of three MBA bloggers at Harvard Business School who want to assist other engineers in their MBA admissions application process. This post, written by Pavan Sirpa, lays out what he learned in his first year at HBS and how much he’s looking forward to an enriching second year.

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