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Hello and welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly foray into the hearts and minds of MBA applicants and students. This week, our Buzz bloggers had a lot to share regarding their application status and GMAT performance, so sit back and take a look at what’s been keeping fellow b-school hopefuls up at night.

The post-submit high— After hitting the submit button on his Indian School of Business application for Round 2, GMAT Yatra is feeling mighty fine. Noting that the whole process of introspection was quite tough, he now feels that he’s “attained the zen of Essay writing” and is very proud of it. So much so that he’s even offering to review the essays of his blog readers…at no cost, of course!

Trying versus doing— Always philosophical, Sanket last checked in just prior to sitting for the GMAT on November 29th to discuss how the time has come to live up to his blog’s name, Knowing the Path and Walking the Path. Although he was having a difficult time putting his pre-exam feelings into words, he does acknowledge that he’s well prepared this time around and promises a detailed GMAT debrief that will make history.

The applicant’s dilemma— After receiving a second GMAT score that doesn’t align with his expectations, An Indian in the Midwest is seriously rethinking his Round 2 applications to Stanford GSB, UC Berkeley Haas, and Chicago Booth. At the moment, he’s leaning toward taking a break for a year, though we would urge him to remember that the admissions committee takes into consideration your highest test score. Remember, the GMAT is just one piece of the puzzle, so don’t give up just yet!

When not all is rosy— We haven’t heard from The MBA Odyssey for the past month, and it seems his absence might have been due in part to feeling quite low about his performance on the GMAT. The worst part is not knowing where or why things went so wrong, and we completely commiserate with his glum reaction to the setback. There is a silver lining though; he plans to prep and retake the exam and promises to keep us apprised of his progress. Best of luck, and here’s to hoping the second time is the charm.

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