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Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly ramble through the MBA blogosphere to discover what’s been keeping applicants and students humming. In this edition, our Buzz contributors celebrate multiple acceptances, a milestone in b-school blogging, and lay out some of the unexpected costs related to pursuing an MBA.

Cornucopia of good news—March passed by in a blur for Motown, who shares the terrific news that she’s been offered a seat at no fewer than four top schools and waitlisted at one. The tough part: How to decide among this bounty of blessings? “I’m still torn and wish I could divide myself in many pieces to go to all my schools,” Motown says, adding that she plans on attending two admit weekends and will decide by the end of the month.

The celebrating continues—Meanwhile, Ms. HR is also in an enviable position after being admitted to three of her target schools, waitlisted at one, and denied at another. She promises another post soon on the challenges of deciding which school to attend, and expresses congratulations to everyone going through the arduous b-school process.

Intangible Costs of an MBA— Though he jokes that the state of his finances makes him seriously contemplate replacing his bank account with a piggy bank instead, Oxford MBA ’12 Bayo Babalola dedicates his most recent post to apprising readers of the frequently ignored intangible costs—relationships, psychological, health—that prospective applicants and students would be wise to prepare for.

A major milestone—This week, Sanket celebrates his 100th post and 20 months of blogging about the b-school applicant experience. His blog has surpassed all expectations of networking with the MBA community and exploring his own creativity, Sanket says, and he extends a hearty thank you to all who have given his blog such a great response. Follow the link to discover the friendships, inspiration and recognition that has come as a result of this enduring blog.

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