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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest goings-on from the MBA applicant and student trenches. This week, our Buzz bloggers prepare for the upcoming application cycle; recount the highs and lows of a graduation event; offer a year-end wrap-up; and reveal their true identity!

It’s almost kick-off time—As he waits impatiently for Harvard Business School to release the application for the upcoming season, Sanket shares what he has done or is doing to prepare his candidacy. B-school research complete: check; experiences database: compiled;  resume dust-off: pending.

The last dance—Graduation events are often bittersweet, and so it was for Part-Timer, who shares some details of the 2012 GWSB Graduation Gala. While he enjoyed the location at the National Portrait Gallery, the fact that fewer than half of his graduating MBA class showed up took the wind out of his sails… and likely dampened his desire to dance the night away.

The word from across the pond…literallyBayo Babalola shares another sports-centric post describing the recent 158th annual boat race between crews from Cambridge and his school, Oxford. We can’t help but wonder, how does he fit his MBA coursework between all that football, basketball, rowing, cricket, table tennis and petanque he’s played since starting at Saïd?

An update, at last! — After an unusually long silent spell, The Senator checks in once again with the b-school blogosphere. Using the time away to regroup and refocus, he explains that he’s in the process of recalibrating his career path and has already gotten a jump start on recruiting. He also shares a link to his true identity and reveals his plans to attend Tuck School of Business.

Year-end wrap up—Like many coming upon the end of their first year at b-school, Ellipser simply can’t wrap his head around where the last several months have gone. Read his post for a stream-of-conscious summary of the past year’s highlights, as well as a look ahead at more fun and madness to come.

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