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Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our regular ramble through the MBA blogosphere to discover what’s been keeping applicants and students busy. In this edition, our Buzz contributors set goals, share summer updates, offer advice on selecting recommenders, and discuss the latest revamped applications.

Second-year goalsJulianne is half-way through her internship and already thinking of goals for her second year at Tepper School of Business. After meeting two of the three goals she set for her first year, Julianne vows to be more realistic this time around. We always look forward to reading what our regular contributors have been up to, so one item on her list–posting once a week on her blog–sounds good to us!

B-school apps get a makeover—We’ve seen it ourselves and Sanket points it out, too: several top schools have made significant changes to their applications this year. Whether the change revolves around fewer essays, a post-interview email or the addition of a multimedia component, schools are upping the ante for a way to really get to know applicants.

A high-level recap—It’s been a busy couple of months for Motown, who checks in this week with the 411 on her May/June activities. May passed in a whirl with a trip to meet up with a Kellogg ’14 friend in India, while June included the MLT conference and landing an exciting internship working in economic development.

Advice from the other side—After receiving many petitions for advice from both friends and strangers, Cheetarah has written a post on selecting recommenders—particularly about asking your direct supervisor for a letter of recommendation—as a way to pay it forward to this year’s applicants.

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