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sbc-badge-1809.gifWelcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our periodic check-in with some of the MBA blogosphere’s applicant and student contributors. This was a busy week as multiple bloggers submitted Round 2 applications, and the new year sparked reflection and shifts in goals that better reflect the current reality. As a reminder for those who have been waitlisted: Don’t lose hope! You’re still in the running, and there are definitely things you can do to manage the waitlist experience.

Setting goals for the new yearPro GMAT offers many congrats for those who have recently submitted their Round 2 applications, as well as commiseration for applicants who were not admitted in R1 and will likely postpone their MBA dreams until next season. In addition to taking on additional work responsibilities, Pro GMAT has also set an annual goal of walking for 315,000 minutes. Here’s to reaching your objectives in 2015!

5 changes that made a difference—After going through multiple rejections last year, Scott Duncan used that learning experience to improve his MBA applications this season—to remarkable success. In this post, he talks about five things he did differently this year that earned him an acceptance at a top MBA program. This post is a must-read for anyone feeling down about their admittance status so far.

Going all in for Round 2—Four applications submitted in two days is a killer, but that’s just what Pulling That MBA Trigger did this week. She readily acknowledges some of the issues that may have affected her chances during Round 1, and is feeling much better about the changes she made during this latest round—and her chances, as well. Regardless of the outcome, she has a great attitude, saying, “MBA this year or no MBA this year, I’m gonna be okay!”

Shifting gearsMBA on My Mind has done some soul-searching and come to the realization that her business school dreams must be put on hold—temporarily. With a start-up that needs nurturing and attention, funding issues that must be resolved, and a GMAT score that could use a boost, revising the timeline to apply in the 2015 cycle just makes more sense on all fronts.

Decisions, decisions—Ah, the enviable position of deciding between multiple top-notch MBA programs! Hugo has whittled down the candidates to MIT Sloan and Tuck School of Business, both excellent schools and equally guaranteed to advance his career. Seems the decision, at least in part, will come down to physical environment and what kind of experience he wants to have for the next two years.

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