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A newcomer to the blogrolls, Dubai doctor/MBA aspirant Starwalker shares a link to Julien Gordon’s MBA action plan, which he believes will help take care of practically everything you could think of, and more.

Veni, Vidi Vici celebrates the completion of his resume and has jitters about taking the TOEFL exam on Saturday, since hitting a minimum score of 109–the magic number–is a must for dream school HBS.

Greek Entrepreneur has a rather scathing opinion of Bill Gates’s resignation from Microsoft last week.

As the summer begins, INSEAD blogger Worldy Whys offers a recap of the social delights that abound on and around the Fontainebleau campus.

Run Forrest, Run has started working for a company people rave about, so he takes this opportunity to share a bit about this part of his life, called “Internship.”

MBA for HairTwirler provides a fantastic description of her whirlwind weekend trip to New York City for the Forte Conference. While there, she enjoyed serendipitous placement at the same lunch table with fellow MBA blogger July Dream, who has gone on blog sabbatical.

Degree in hand, Angel Angie in London has permanently left the MBA blogosphere. Though she wants to keep writing, she hopes to have an anonymous blog where she can express her ideas freely without being associated with a specific bank. Good luck on the trading floor in London!

With his time at INSEAD at a close, Necromonger also bids his readers farewell and celebrates the highlights of this brief but intense experience.

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