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Starwalker struggled with Ross’s essay questions this week, but found inspiration alongside Darden student and fellow blogger Mandy Lozano. Both link to a video of professor Randy Pausch, famed for his Last Lecture about celebrating life, who died Friday, July 25.

Welcome to new blogger the BS Applicant, who muses over being an introvert manager after taking a Myers-Briggs test that labeled him a “moderately expressed introvert.”

MBA Veggie, Happy Bunny and Soni are giddy with joy, now that Columbia has released the Fall 2009 application online.

Greek Entrepreneur offers four reasons why you should apply at Round One; he’s convinced that irrespective of what the b-schools are saying, the majority of the admissions come from R1 and R2 application pools.

During his internship in Chile, Iday reveals the culinary aspects of his truly global MBA.

The first years have landed at Tulane, with a bevy of international MBAs ready to embark on a compulsory one-month management communication course.

RVD at Wharton West provides a recap of and response to the Scoretop scandal, adding that one of his readings last semester in MGMT 621,“The Rationalizing Animal,” was all about the psychology behind exactly this type of situation.

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