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Soni is fuming after receiving mixed messages on the spacing requirements for Kellogg essays. After slaving for three weeks to polish a 1400 word, 1.5 spaced essay, he learned that adcom hasn’t dropped their double-spaced requirement after all. Sounds like someone’s becoming disenchanted with Kellogg…

Mission MBA faced the end of a dream after the Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship–and hopes of a scholarship to Stanford–slipped from his grasp.

JulyDream offers a glimpse into her new life as she settles into her Charlottesville, Va., pad after an “insane” weekend in Vegas and quick jaunt to SF.

Helluva Journey also reached his new home for the next two years in Durham. Though he hasn’t seen the Fuqua campus yet, the MBA social scene offers a diverse and an interesting crowd…and a car is an absolute must for students.

MBA Veggie and CBS convert calls his days a “bipolar mix of anxious and content”. Although he’s making steady progress on his application, anxiety has set in because there’s still so much left to do.

Stanford MBA Marquis passed along a link from the author of a new book focused on B-school admits who is looking for people to participate in a survey.

The GMAT has become an Achilles Heel for GlamourGirl as she ponders the possibly having been dropped on her head as a toddler, thus resulting in the less-than-stellar practice test performance of late.

Worried about Wharton and math, TinyDancer spent some time brushing up on calculus this summer. To her relief, though, the reigning student policy of GND means that as long as you pass, your grades are irrelevant because they won’t be a factor in recruiting. But, she says, as your standard-issue-overachiever-Wharton-admit, it’s hard to really convince myself “that grades don’t matter.”

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