Stanford Application Now Available

In a brief update to the Admissions Blog, Stanford Graduate School of Business has made available the Class of 2012 application.

Here are the essay questions for the Class of 2012:

Answer essay questions 1, 2, and two of the four options for essay 3.

Essay 1: What matters most to you, and why?
The best examples of Essay 1 reflect the process of self-examination that you have undertaken to write them.
They give us a vivid and genuine image of who you are””and they also convey how you became the person you are.
They do not focus merely on what you’ve done or accomplished. Instead, they share with us the values, experiences, and lessons that have shaped your perspectives.
They are written from the heart and address not only a person, situation, or event, but also how that person, situation, or event has influenced your life.

Essay 2: What are your career aspirations? How will your education at Stanford help you achieve them?
Use this essay to explain your view of your future, not to repeat accomplishments from your past.
You should address three distinct topics:
your career aspirations
the role of an MBA education in achieving those aspirations
and your rationale for earning that MBA at Stanford, in particular.

The best examples of Essay 2 express your passions or focused interests; explain why you have decided to pursue graduate education in management; and demonstrate your desire to take advantage of the opportunities that are distinctive to the Stanford MBA Program.

Essay 3: Answer two of the four questions below. Tell us not only what you did but also how you did it. What was the outcome? How did people respond? Only describe experiences that have occurred during the last three years.

Option A: Tell us about a time when you built or developed a team whose performance exceeded expectations.
Option B: Tell us about a time when you made a lasting impact on your organization.
Option C: Tell us about a time when you motivated others to support your vision or initiative.
Option D: Tell us about a time when you went beyond what was defined, established, or expected.

As previously announced, the school has moved up the Round 1 application deadline to October 7, 2009. Stanford may also be extending interviews earlier this year and the school encourages prospective students to submit an application as early as possible within the chosen round.


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