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Once you’re in b-school, your time is at a premium and it can be a struggle to stay on top of everything that’s going on across the business world. I think the new website 10Thoughts, started by a Darden School of Business 2015 MBA grad, can really help applicants and students (or anyone, actually) who want to keep up with today’s relevant problem solving, thinking and ideas across the business spectrum.

Jack Mara, founder and CEO of 10Thoughts, says he became frustrated with having to search through many publications in order to stay well-versed on important topics and issues in business while a student at Darden.

The site shares original content as well as news stories recommended and vetted by actual MBAs, professors, and executives, and covers content across different topics, functions, and publications.

“Our readers trust the quality of the content because it comes with the recommendation of a talented peer rather than a machine or algorithm,” Mara says, adding that 35% of students across the top 20 schools in the incoming class of 2017 currently use 10Thoughts.

The site is a great resource for b-school applicants because, while most professionals tend to focus closely on their own area of expertise, it’s really important to be conversant on a range of relevant business issues—particularly for those MBA interviews.

“Companies are looking for general managers and leaders that can think across functions and understand how different pieces of the puzzle all interact,” Mara says. ” This will help you speak more intelligently about the business world and different career paths in both your MBA applications and interviews.”

I contributed an article of my own last week called Filling in the White Spaces for the Job Hunt, but the advice rings true for MBA applicants as well. So go ahead and check out 10Thoughts – it’s free – and you can sign up to receive the weekly featured article email, too.

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