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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #44: Negotiating Merit Scholarships

If you’ve been accepted to an MBA program, congratulations! If you’ve been accepted to an MBA program *and* have received merit aid from the school, even better! This episode of B-Schooled covers: …

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Is an MBA Worth It? Here’s Your Checklist

Step 1: Block out the Noise Young professionals have always evaluated the worth of embarking on a two-year MBA program. This value analysis typically happens well before they commit to the MBA …

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Parents’ Role in MBA Admissions

Are Mom and Dad actively involved in your b-school application process?  It might be time to rethink your parents’ role in MBA admissions. The admissions committee wants to see applicants with demonstrated leadership and maturity. …

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MBA Programs with the Highest Return on Investment

Assessing potential return on investment helps candidates determine whether pursuing an MBA degree makes sense both professionally and financially. After all, business school isn’t cheap. Based on the QS 2019 Global MBA Ranking, this …

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How to Pay for Your MBA

Guest post from our friends at CommonBond   Congratulations! You got into business school. The GMAT, video essays, and admissions interviews are (thankfully) behind you. In front of you are new friends, new skills and …

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Advance Planning is Key to Funding Your MBA

As MBA applicants look to funding their MBA education, finding and applying for fellowships is an important next step.

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