Tuesday Tips: Tepper MBA Essays and Tips 2019-2020

Tepper MBA essaysCarnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business has published the MBA application for this admissions cycle. Your resume, transcripts, recommendations and other application data will tell the story of your career achievements and academic accomplishments. Therefore, your Tepper MBA essays should describe your character and personality.

Tepper considers the program to be interdisciplinary and embraces unique centers like Sustainability & Architecture, Technology, and a startup incubator. CMU Tepper has a new building called the Tepper Quad, which delivers a campus with several interconnected parts. And, as part of the new Tepper Quad space, CMU will look to increase the size of the Tepper School.

As you prepare your Tepper MBA essays, keep in mind that Tepper is not looking for one particular profile. The best candidates are willing to engage with a tight-knit community and are interested in a highly analytical course structure.

Questions about your Tepper MBA essays? Contact us for a free analysis of your candidacy. To learn more about the CMU Tepper MBA program, visit the program website.

Required Essay

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School, we value our community and it is important for each person to contribute to its success. What difference will you make as a member of the MBA class at the Tepper School? (Maximum 350-500 words.)

CMU Tepper has a small and close-knit community. Because the community is so important, the only required question in this set of Tepper MBA essays focuses on this area. There are several different ways you could contribute to Tepper. There is the personal, the academic and the professional.

Describing your personality and background will be of interest to the admissions committee. Think about what your future classmates and professors would want to know about you. Will you contribute to the community through service in a club or activity?

In addition, CMU values analytical skills. Make an effort to highlight these. Perhaps you have a story that shows how you applied your decision-making skills to a tough problem. Also, consider how your academic skills will contribute to the community of the classroom.

Another way you can contribute to Tepper would be professionally. Describe the career experiences you have had thus far in your life. Will you be able to bring those experiences to the classroom? Or, perhaps you will be able to set up industry lectures, visits to companies you have worked for, or provide guidance on your career to your classmates.

This essay gives you an opportunity to describe your past experiences and show how they will all contribute to Tepper. In addition, thorough school research will show that you are strongly interested in the program.

Some ways you can research Tepper include visiting the school, networking with alumni, and contacting one of the many student ambassadors. Show you have done your research by citing specific clubs, activities, classes, and programs in your Tepper MBA essay examples.

Optional Essay

Use this essay to convey important information that you may not have otherwise been able to convey. This may include unexplained resume gaps, context for recommender selection, etc. If you are a re-applicant, explain how your candidacy has strengthened since your last application.

This optional essay provides a space to add important context to potential issues in your application. As outlined, explain any resume gaps, a recommendation that is from someone other than a current or former supervisor, etc.

Other possible areas you might want to explain include academic issues , such as low grades in quantitative classes, or academic probation. Also, a low GMAT score or other profile issue may be worth addressing if necessary.

Re-applicants should always use this space to showcase a strengthened candidacy. If you have improved your profile with a stronger GMAT score or new grades from quantitative classes, that is great information to highlight.

If you have increased your responsibilities at work, refined career goals, or added new extracurricular activities, those are also valid updates to communicate.

Note this is not an open-ended essay. CMU Tepper is not asking for you to explain anything you want in this essay. Therefore, it is wisest to stick with the two categories of information specifically outlined. The required essay is open-ended enough to give you the space for other information you want to convey.

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