4 Things Wharton Looks For in MBA Applicants

What Wharton looks for in MBA applicants

Do you wonder just exactly what the top business schools look for when deciding whom to admit to their MBA programs? Well, after more than 15 years of helping our clients receive highly coveted admissions letters to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, I’ve pulled together some key characteristics that, together, paint a unique picture of what Wharton is looking for in MBA students.

Keep in mind though, knowing what a particular business school is looking for isn’t an opportunity to re-make yourself into what you think their “ideal” student would be. Rather, it’s a chance to find a learning community that values your strengths and where you can make a positive contribution with the unique skills, experiences, and perspectives you bring to the table.

To discover which four characteristics Wharton looks for in MBA candidates, I invite you to follow the link to read my latest article published on Business Insider.

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