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In our blog, we provide news, tips and tools to help you navigate the MBA admissions process. Despite the high volume of information that gets printed every week, we do not regularly address the fact that many applicants face a set of challenges that are very different from GPA, GMAT and resume. I want to help applicants work through road blocks to success that may include self-doubt, anxiety, procrastination and generally feeling overwhelmed by this process. Hopefully with a bit of “Vitamin MBA” I can help you to overcome these challenges so that you can put our other resources to work and truly excel on your applications. I now present you with a dose of “Vitamin MBA”:

First 30 Days is a website dedicated to exploring change, and making changes in order to achieve goals.  Ariane de Bonvoisin (a Stanford MBA) is the Founder, and recently in her blog, she has had some interesting things to say that are relevant to the MBA admissions process.  In Are You Committed, or Just Interested, she talks about the difference between being committed and being interested.  She points out that even your voice sounds different when you say you are interested vs.  committed.  Try it with your MBA applications:

“I am interested in applying to business school.”
“I am committed to applying to business school.”

Those of you who are interested will probably find lots of things to do this weekend rather than studying for the GMAT or drafting HBS essay 1.  But if you are committed, you will just get it done.  As Ariane says, “there is power in commitment!”  So if you intend to submit your strongest applications this year, get committed!

In her blog post How to Follow Through,  Ariane discusses common characteristics of individuals who follow through on change.  To highlight a couple:

– Take small actions frequently – this links back to what we discussed in our post “Don’t Break the Chain“.  Small actions every day will help you keep your MBA momentum and release the pressure to do it all on any one day.

– Connect to the bigger picture – remember what this process is all about.  Ultimately it is not about submitting a set of essays.  It is not even about getting in to X school.  It is about your future, your career, creating opportunities for yourself.  Get inspired; this will help you to make things happen.



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