Waitlist Guidelines from Chicago Booth, UCLA Anderson

While the waitlist may not seem like the ideal status for your MBA application, the good news is you’re still in the running while the school looks more closely at your application package in the context of the next round of candidates.

UCLA Anderson School of Management and the Chicago Booth School of Business recently posted advice for Round 1 applicants who have been waitlisted, and since their suggestions are nearly identical, we’re sharing them together in this post.

  • Waitlisted applications are considered in subsequent rounds, so these applications are reviewed side-by-side with those under review from Round 2.
  • Waitlisted applicants will, in most cases, receive an admit or deny decision by the Round 2 notification date. The decision deadline at UCLA Anderson is April 2nd. Final decisions are released on March 27th at Chicago Booth.
  • Some candidates may be invited to remain on the waitlist into Round 3.
  • Both schools offer waitlisted candidates the option of submitting additional information in support of their candidacy.
  • UCLA Anderson would like to hear from you if you’ve improved your GMAT score, received a promotion at work, or had a recent extracurricular accomplishment.
  • Chicago Booth suggests applicants take a closer look at their application to determine any weak points, and reminds waitlisted applicants of the option to submit a short video explaining why you are a fit for Booth.

No matter which school’s waitlist you may land on, make sure every interaction you have with the admissions department adds value to your file. As UCLA Anderson aptly states, quality is more important than quantity. An information overload will likely have a negative effect on your candidacy, so use your good judgement here!


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