Wharton Coffee Chats for International Applicants

According to the WhartonMBABlog, current Wharton MBA students will be hosting coffee chats when they return home for the winter break. As we have written before, speaking with current students will help you with choosing schools and personalizing your essays.

The Wharton Coffee Chats will be hosted in a variety of cities outside of the United States. It’s a great opportunity for international applicants. Here are some of the upcoming dates and locations:
21 December 07: Paris, France
23 December 07: Caracas, Venezuela
27 December 07: Athens, Greece
27 December 07: Mumbai, India
27 December 07: Manila, Philippines
22 December 07: London, United Kingdom
27 December 07: Lagos, Nigeria
27 December 07: Hyderabad, India
29 December 07: New Delhi, India
30 December 07: Tel Aviv, Israel
03 January 08: Medellin, Colombia

Check the WhartonMBABlog for details on how to register.

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