Which B-School is Best for Starting a Business?

Recently, the business school news website Poets & Quants crunched the numbers for its first results-based ranking of the best schools for entrepreneurship, which looks at the number of successful startups a school produces and how much capital its budding businesses have collectively raised.

The outcome perhaps won’t surprise anyone. P&Q reports that just two schools accounted for more than half of the total number of startups on the top 100 list. With 34 startups at Harvard Business School and 32 at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, it’s clear that their student and alumni networks act as a driving force for supporting new ideas.

Wall Street Journal‘s Melissa Korn, featured in this video, published a companion piece Wednesday in which she suggests entrepreneurial-focused MBA applicants consider schools that share campuses with strong medical or engineering programs, since a synergy between the disciplines often leads to amazing ideas. Candidates should also take a look at the number of on-campus entrepreneurship activities available.

Ultimately, there are several top schools that strongly support student ventures through business plan competitions, incubators, courses and centers devoted to entrepreneurship. And as Stanford professor Stefanos Zenios, who teaches Startup Garage, one of the business school’s main entrepreneurship courses, tells Korn, one of the best things a school can do for budding entrepreneurs is provide a safe place for them to fail.

“If we can teach our students to use the capital they raise very efficiently, discover…whether an idea is viable, and to close shop without wasting resources, that’s success,” he says.


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