4 Ways an MBA Can Impact Your Career

Wondering just how an MBA can act as a career-booster? On a recent blog post, Michelle “Shelly” Gorman, director of career management at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School‘s new online program known as MBA@UNC, highlights four compelling ways earning an MBA degree provides long-term professional benefits.

Career growth: Most people don’t spend enough time proactively managing their careers, evaluating personal drivers and assessing opportunities for growth that can have a real impact on career trajectory.  The right MBA will teach you to look at the “career sweet spot” for you, the strategic integration of your passions, expertise and personal drivers juxtaposed against the current global market conditions.  If you’re feeling stagnant in your career growth, getting an MBA can help you successfully navigate and leverage your next career step.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Earning an MBA at a top school means that you will be part of a global group of developing business leaders, and you should look for a school that offers an environment that fosters teamwork and networking.  From day one, MBA students have multiple opportunities to network with global business leaders in a variety of ways, including case studies, group projects, alumni channels, industry career advisors, expert panels, speaker series and company information sessions.  Being part of these programs enables you to create sustainable relationships that are key to your future career success.

Broadened Expertise: An MBA gives you the ability to effectively analyze problems, think strategically and build strong global organizations.  For aspiring leaders with strong technical expertise, an MBA education is a great way to round out your technical skills with broader expertise and management skills that can propel you to the next step in your career.

Leadership Skills Enrichment: In the right MBA program, you will deepen and broaden your leadership skills in a safe and experiential manner.  The practical approach to learning leadership through multiple channels and continually honing those skills using different methodologies maximizes the impact.  This practice and rigor shapes leaders who drive results in the workplace and have increased career success.

For career switchers, once you’re in business school, you have the opportunity to see how you fit in that new industry through coursework, student groups, internships, or networking with alumni. Self reflection and exploration are key components of the MBA experience, giving students a chance to sample various fields and functions without making any firm commitments.

All of the people, classes, activities, etc. in an MBA program catapult you into a whole new sphere, and you may come out with completely new ideas that help facilitate career change in ways you would not have thought of before.

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