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Deena Williams, associate director of admissions at the Kellogg MBA Program, updated the admissions blog last week with some feedback designed to clear up the misinformation floating around cyberspace that may be contributing to “applicant freak out.” (You know who you are!)

Here are some of the details Williams offers up to help ease your anxiety:

Round 1 Waitlist

  • Have questions? Call your waitlist manager!
  • This is your chance to update AdCom about any life/work developments that might strengthen your application.
  • Admit/deny decisions came out Monday, February 15th. If you did not receive a decision at that time, then you are still on the waitlist.
  • Don’t call the office to check your status. Use the Application Status Check page located on the full-time website.

Round 2 Applicants

  • Admissions officers are currently reading applications and conducting admissions interviews.
  • Admissions decisions will begin in mid March and continue through March 29th.
  • The Kellogg MBA program is in the process of matching off-campus interview requests with alumni interviewers. (Make sure that your email settings do not filter Kellogg MBA emails so that you don’t miss an email about your match.)
  • On-campus interviews must be completed by March 6th. There are not many spots available so call the office immediately to schedule your interview.
  • Your interview information will also be noted on the Status Check page.

Round 3 Applicants

  • The Kellogg MBA program is scheduling on-campus interviews beginning March 15th.

The waiting game is extremely stressful, so we hope this information helps calm frazzled nerves somewhat. Best of luck to all Kellogg MBA applicants!

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