B-school Buzz: A Few Stops Along the Road

As we all know, the journey toward an MBA degree is long and rarely straightforward. In this week’s roundup, our B-school Buzz bloggers discuss a few of the various stops along the road that they’ve encountered recently.

Selecting Schools – My Unfathomable MBA Odyssey is busy finalizing the list of schools to which he plans to apply. This week he shares some insights into the parameters he is using to make his final selections, such as brand recognition, how well the program will help him meet his short- and long-term career goals and “love,” which he says, “There are no reasons to explain about Love Schools, I am just in love with them, I just want to be there.”

Interviewing – The last time we checked in with Ellipsing My Way… To Business School, he was preparing for his Cornell Johnson School of Business interview. This week, we learned that his hard work paid off. He writes, “So you know how sometimes you just feel when something goes well?  That’s the case with my Cornell interview…. I was cool, calm and collected and was at ease the whole time.” Well done!

Facing Rejection – From a high point in the journey, we go to a low. Mako at Random Wok writes with candor about receiving his rejection from Harvard Business School, reminding readers that it always stings to discover that the hours spent writing essays and gathering recommendations ”“ not  to mention writing checks for expensive application fees ”“ have not led to the big payoff. Yet Mako is handling the moment with grace and shifting his focus to his other upcoming interviews.

Rejecting the MBA – Every so often, the tables are turned and a prospective b-school student rejects the MBA instead. This week, Mukaam outlines her decision to join Teach for India and turn down a spot at the University of Rochester’s Simon Graduate School of Business. Among her reasons: Teach for India will allow her to impact the lives of children immediately and take a step toward  her ultimate career goal of working in the non-profit sector in India ”“ without the student loans.

Working as an MBA – Finally, Felish… da dish reminds us that even when you join an MBA program, the path is still complicated as a student. This week she writes about her experience of adding a part-time job to her already packed schedule. She only took on outside work during her second year of b-school, for the very good reason that as an overwhelmed first year student, “I made a choice between having pocket money and saving my sanity. Sanity won out.”

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