B-School Buzz: Internship Updates, GMAT Success Stories and More

Our B-School Buzz bloggers have been swept up in a whirlwind of activity as they settle into their summer jobs and internships and conquer the dreaded GMAT phase of the application process.

Busy before b-school — With a new job and commute that takes up 15 hours of his day, Ellipsing My Way…to Business School hasn’t had a lot of free time to post lately. Besides work, Ellipsing has been busy preparing for upcoming conferences, updating his LinkedIn profile and squaring away his housing situation. What’s next on the horizon? Math Camp, to the tune of $600. Business school may actually be a slower pace of life than what’s in store this summer!

Apps for student travelers — As he plans his trip abroad for MS, Chitra Sivasankra, aka Siv Writes Here, has come across nine Apple apps he believes to be indispensable for students traveling abroad for their studies. From currency converters to travel organizers to Wi Fi finders, Siv has done the research to ensure smoother travels for all.

Mission GMAT accomplished — In this week’s post, Carl Incognito celebrates sitting for the GMAT and provides a complete blow-by-blow of test day. With an unofficial score of 770, he has reason to cheer after beating his own high expectations. Follow the link to read more about what Carl Incognito learned while preparing for the GMAT, as well as other tips on how to approach the exam.

Amazing time at Amex — Things have been going swimmingly for Praz, aka Columbia MBA Class of 2012, during the kick-off of his internship at Amex.The team handling the internship program is fantastic, he has access to senior leadership members, and everything is so organized it almost feels like they are on auto pilot, he says. The professional setup, coupled with the organized social events, should make for an eventful summer.

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