B-School Buzz: Introducing Our Latest Bloggers

Every time I read the B-school Buzz blogs, I’m struck by our bloggers’ diversity of perspective and experiences. Some write from the trenches of top programs, and others tell us about the joys and frustrations of the application process. It’s always exciting to add even more perspectives to the mix, so this week we’re welcoming two new bloggers to the crew.

Open Book – First up, we have Vishal Goel’s Open Book blog. Vishal is a University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA who has been blogging on and off since 2006. Reading the blog is often like peeking over Vishal’s shoulder to see what he’s reading (hence the blog title), and he shares articles on MBA-friendly topics like leadership and entrepreneurship. Occasionally, he writes about wine – which, come to think of it, is also pretty MBA friendly.

Miles to MBA – Also new this week is Miles to MBA, which began in June 2008. Recently, this blog has tackled many aspects of the b-school application process, such as deciding to take the GRE versus the GMAT, as well b-school news. The author also shares a lot of personal stories about his own application process, such as this great post about his recent visit to the Indian School of Business.

In other news – It’s also been a busy week for some of our long-time bloggers. Military to Business wrote about participating in Harvard Business School‘s first Military Prospective Student Day. Random Wok shared his latest strategy for surviving the b-school admissions decision wait: Complete the P90 X workouts. And Ellipsing My Way”¦ to Business School received a rejection from NYU Stern, so he will definitely be attending Cornell’s Johnson School of Management in the fall.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Ellipsing that all of you recent b-school admits can surely relate to:

“So I finally have closure and all that jazz”¦ now I’m moving on to another portion of this process.  Financial Aid = #notfun.”

Do you have a b-school-centric blog? Want it featured on B-School Buzz? Email me at buzz@StacyBlackman.com.

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