B-School Profs on Gratitude, Starbucks and More

This week, we take a look at blogs written by business school professors.

How about this remedy for hard times? A dose of gratitudeStanford professor Bob Sutton points out a new study which shows how feelings of gratitude have a positive effect on physical and mental health, purpose in life and personal growth. Expressing a little appreciation for the good things in your life, however trivial they may seem, may be just the medicine to get us through our current national funk.

Survey says where you should spend your money on social mediaTerri Griffith, professor of management at Santa Clara University, shares some data from a social media survey which finds that Twitter is better than Facebook for businesses.

Sayonara, Sirius XMNYU Stern School of Business professor Robert Salomon analyzes media reports of Internet radio Sirius XM’s eminent bankruptcy. Salomon argues that the merger between Sirius and XM radios made strategic sense, no matter what the DOJ and FCC say, and that the medium has a fighting chance of survival–despite having the deck stacked against them.

How to save, no matter your circumstancesFinancial Literacy and Ignorance, a blog by Dartmouth College economics professor Anna Maria Lusardi, has a great post with new ways to help people save. Everyone’s situation is unique, and the important thing is coming up with a savings initiative that works for the individual.

Starbucks innovates to stay on topHarvard marketing professor John Quelch applauds the latest efforts by Starbucks to help consumers fight the recession. With the launch of their instant coffee product Via, Starbucks helps cash-strapped customers maintain their caffeinated fix at a lower price point without sacrificing brand loyalty. And heck, Starbucks will undoubtedly lure in quite a few new brew lovers as well.

On the ambulatory practices of poultry — The Organizations and Markets blog offers the strategic management edition analyzing an age-old conundrum: Why did the chicken cross the road?


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