B-Schooled Podcast Episode #40: Round 3 (or Final Admissions Round) Considerations

In the timeline of any given MBA admissions year, Round 3 has always been an enigma. Does anyone get accepted in Round 3? They must … or else the program wouldn’t offer a Round 3 in the first place, right?

This episode leverages the experience and insight of the entire Stacy Blackman Consulting team to detail what kind of candidate might be a serious contender for Round 3, and who is better off waiting until Round 1 of the next admissions year.

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SBC’s star-studded consultant team is unparalleled. Our clients benefit from current intelligence that we receive from the former MBA Admissions Officers from LBS, Columbia CBS and every elite business program in the US and Europe.  These MBA Admissions Officers have chosen to work exclusively with SBC.

Meet Susan, just one of the many superstars on the SBC team. Susan was the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at London Business School LBS and also the Director of the Executive MBA program at Columbia Business School CBS.

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