CBS Dean Glenn Hubbard to Step Down After 15-Year Tenure

CBS dean Glenn Hubbard steps downGlenn Hubbard, successful steward of Columbia Business School for 15 years, will step down from his role as dean at the end of the 2018-19 academic year, University President Lee Bollinger has announced.

Hubbard will then resume his position as part of Columbia Business School’s faculty as the Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics, and as Professor of Economics in Columbia’s Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Under his leadership, Hubbard has overseen the enhancement and expansion of nearly every aspect of Columbia Business School.  Throughout his tenure, he strengthened recruitment of both top academics and students. Additionally, Hubbard launched countless initiatives to bridge academic theory with the practice of business. Besides that, Hubbard led initiatives to revamp the school’s core curriculum. The outgoing dean also reignited engagement of the school’s 46,000 global alumni community.

A Fundraising Powerhouse

As a result of his prolific fundraising abilities, Hubbard will have added more than $1 billion to Columbia Business School’s coffers by the conclusion of his deanship next June. Ultimately this financial legacy will continue to enable the school to pursue countless innovations that will benefit the school and its global community.

In addition, a notable expansion of financial aid occurred during Hubbard’s deanship, increasing 600% from 2004 to 2018. Hubbard also raised more than $500 million to establish Columbia Business School’s future home on Columbia University’s  Manhattanville campus.

President Bollinger called Hubbard’s deanship a historic period for Columbia Business School, one that solidified its place “as one of the most celebrated and innovative schools of business in all of higher education.”

Hubbard’s Parting Message

“Today, as I reflect upon the last decade and a half, I am humbled by the progress made toward achieving our mission to innovate, connect, and lead, and our strategy to bridge theory and practice,” Hubbard said.

“Without question, our position in the University is a key factor of that success. As Columbia Business School prepares to embark on a new era, I have every confidence that the School will continue to be a global innovator in both management education and in how business is practiced in the 21st century. I look forward to supporting that vision as a member of its faculty.”

A global search for Hubbard’s replacement will begin immediately. For more details of Glenn Hubbard’s tenure as dean, please visit the Columbia Business School newsroom.

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