Common Interview Questions

The interview is the most unpredictable portion of the application process. While it is important to prepare, it is virtually impossible to predict what you will be asked. Every interviewer is different and even the same person may differ depending on “mood” that day. That said, all you can do is your best, and there is a set of questions that you absolutely must be prepared for.

Make sure that you have outlined answers for the following questions and that you practice out loud:
“Why do you want to go to business school?”
“Why do you want to go now?”
“What are your career goals?”
“Why do you want to attend our program?”
“Walk me through your resume.”
“Name three personal strengths and weaknesses.”

Beyond that, you should have a handful of personal stories prepared. The questions should be flexible enough to serve as examples for a range of questions about teamwork, leadership, creativity, failure, facing challenges and more. If you have this group of stories prepared and ready, you can access them as needed to answer any unpredictable situational questions that arise.

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