Cornell’s Johnson School Launches One-Year Tech MBA in NYC

The Johnson School at Cornell University has announced it will launch a new one-year, full-time MBA program based in New York City that combines business, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is designed for those with a degree in science or technology, as well as relevant work experience, who want to enhance their business knowledge and who desire leadership opportunities in the digital economy.

Ultimately it will be housed on the Cornell NYC Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, and this new MBA program will immerse students in New York City’s tech ecosytem, where they will continuously work on projects with global business and startup ventures. They complete course work in the foundational disciplines of business, with an emphasis on the skills and knowledge needed to create business value in the digital economy. Courses will include design thinking, global venturing, leading innovation, big data opportunities, and managing technology disruptions, among others.

“The MBA degree on the Cornell NYC Tech campus is a unique opportunity for us to continue an established history of innovating graduate business education, both in content and pedagogy,” says Soumitra Dutta, dean of Johnson at Cornell University, in a statement. “We’re creating a program that addresses the fact that technology has changed the way business is done. It’s not about adding technology courses to an existing MBA, but about developing a new education and learning experience for business leaders in the digital economy.”

The first class begins the program in May 2014 in Ithaca, and spends the following two semesters on the Cornell NYC Tech campus. They will graduate in May 2015.

“The MBA from Johnson is a vital part of our effort to create a new model of tech education that brings the energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation of the tech eco-system directly onto campus,” says Daniel P. Huttenlocher, dean of Cornell NYC Tech. “The MBA students will benefit from working alongside technical students, faculty and researchers, and the entire campus will be enriched by the perspective of business students.”



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