Dartmouth to Offer Streamlined MBA to PhDs

Dartmouth Provost Barry Scherr announced a new program agreement Monday between Dartmouth Graduate Studies and Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, allowing Dartmouth PhDs to obtain an accelerated MBA degree as part of a new dual-degree program.

“The PhD/MBA represents a natural synergy between our selective PhD programs and Tuck’s outstanding MBA program,” says Scherr. “The joint degree aims to produce individuals who are not only thoroughly trained in a scientific discipline but also possess fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills. The recipients of the PhD/MBA will offer a valuable blend of leadership qualities for any organization.”

Dartmouth PhD students will apply to Tuck through the normal admissions process, timed to begin at Tuck right after finishing their PhD. The Dartmouth PhD experience will be counted as post-bachelor’s degree work experience as well as for some elective courses. Coursework is expected to be one term less than for students in the regular MBA program and some courses could even be taken prior to matriculation in the program.

“Individuals with both scientific expertise as well as management training will be valued,” adds Tuck’s dean, Paul Danos. “More and more in business, leaders with multiple skills and deep knowledge in a technical area are highly sought after. Graduates of this program will certainly be poised to start high tech companies and make major contributions to their success.”


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