Dean Chopra on Kellogg’s Top Priorities

Sunil Chopra, interim dean at the Kellogg School of Management, knows B-schools are facing some tough challenges these days, but says that there is always room to make contributions of lasting importance and to build upon Kellogg’s legacy.

Here are some of Chopra’s thoughts from earlier this week on the Kellogg School’s priorities in the upcoming year.

One of our most important goals is sticking to our core mission ”” knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination. It’s my number-one priority to provide all the support needed to ensure that our faculty continue to do the best research and that our students continue to learn as much as possible, whether it’s inside or outside the classroom.

Another priority is jobs. We continue to face a challenging recruiting environment… This year, we have to work extra hard to connect students and recruiters and ensure that our students are as well-prepared for these interviews as possible.

My next priority is “One Kellogg.” …For example, we offer the Executive MBA, Full-Time and Part-Time programs, and each do their own recruiting for students. The question we should be asking is: How can we leverage the synergy of these programs better than we have before?

The last priority is communication…My goal is to ensure constant communication among all the stakeholders.

What is the state of Kellogg today, and its position among the world’s top business schools?

We give [students] the broadest suite of course offerings at an extremely high level of quality to help them develop a very strong general management perspective, and we offer a variety of areas in which they can focus in greater depth.

You will not find the answers to today’s problems in a single functional area… A person’s ability to bring together a team with different perspectives and come up with an answer that no one else could have produced is particularly powerful today.

What can first-year Kellogg students expect this year, entering as they did during a turbulent economic environment?

We encourage a strong general management perspective with various areas of depth, and we focus on collaborative learning that leads to innovation. That is precisely what organizations around the world need today to restore the health of the global economy.

Kellogg’s mission is to develop global leaders who make contributions of lasting significance. At no other time has the world needed that more than today. It is a challenging time, but it’s during times such as these that significant contributions are made.

(photo credit: Kellogg School of Management)

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