Everyone has their own Application Style…

I read AGirlsMBA blog with interest, as she chronicles her very condensed MBA timeline. I struck me that while we generally encourage applicants to take their time and not cram everything into too short of a timeline, everyone has their own style and you need to figure out what makes the most sense for you, your goals and your schedule.

In reflections on the application process thus far, she explains that she completed 9 applications in three weeks! WOW! This is a very tight schedule, with little room for poor writing, or indecision about schools or strategy. Not to mention, it does not give recommenders much time. That said, if fast and furious is your style, you should also know that if you plan to apply, it is always to your benefit to plan ahead with regards to your candidacy. Candidacy is something that you can start working on NOW, as early as possible, and it is something that you can work on continually until you submit your applications. Jeremy Dann elaborates on this in a prior posting: Candidacy First, Application Second.

Candidacy is something that you really cannot cram into a few weeks before deadlines. Forexample, starting to work at a non-profit for just two weeks might be a bit suspicious. So be sure to put your best foot forward by working on candidacy now and setting yourself up for success in the future regardless of how you approach the tactical portion of your application process.

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