GMAC Launches New Business Fundamentals Courses with Kaplan

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Having the foundational quant knowledge to hit the ground running is crucial for anyone going for an MBA degree. To help fill any gaps, b-school applicants can now consider the new GMAC Business Fundamentals courses. The product, developed in partnership with Kaplan, the global educational services provider, offers “micro” courses in statistics, accounting, and finance. These core courses will help prepare business school aspirants and admitted students for success in graduate management education.

GMAC Business Fundamentals is designed to refresh candidate knowledge on core quantitative subjects essential to an MBA or business master’s program, explained Joy Jones, chief product officer and general manager of assessments at GMAC, in a press release.

“The ability to focus on topics that meet their needs provides applicants with a dynamic learning experience and gives them greater confidence in their ability to do well from the start,” she added.

The courses add value to aspiring business school students early in the admissions process as well as those who have been admitted to an upcoming program. For those who are switching from a non-business undergraduate background or seeking a career change by pursuing an MBA or business master’s degree, the course series is particularly valuable.

Course takers can complete one or all of the series of three courses, which were developed with content specialists who serve on the faculty of leading U.S. business schools. Participating schools included George Mason University School of Business, Georgetown University McDonough School, Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School, and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

You can find the new Business Fundamentals resource on, or via Kaplan at

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