Going Global – Wharton and the Lauder Institute

In our increasingly global society, business leaders play a pivotal role in shaping not only international business but also international relations. This is a tremendous responsibility. One applicant, Rainierisms, writing from China reflects on the need for ethically and environmentally sound practices in globalization. Accordingly, many MBA applicants are looking for programs that can help them to become impactful and responsible global leaders.

Wharton offers one of the best opportunities for future global leaders with The Lauder Institute. As part of this unique program, you augment your MBA with an MA in International Studies from UPENN. You will take part in an advanced applied language study in one of eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish) as well as a two-month in-country immersion program. You also expand your network to include a global community of students, alumni, business leaders and faculty.

Of course, applying to Lauder involves a bit more work than just the Wharton MBA application. You will have to write two extra essays and complete an oral proficiency interview in your proposed language. This interview is simply a 15 – 20 minute telephone conversation. Also, you can only apply to Lauder during Wharton‘s round 1 and 2 because the Lauder program begins in May with on campus international studies and business courses followed by a summer immersion in Egypt, China, France, Germay, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and Spain depending on your language of study.

As a Wharton student, you will complete the MBA core curriculum and pursue one of 18 majors while also completing an international studies course sequence for Lauder. It is an extraordinary opportunity for a budding global leader and one to be considered seriously by applicants.

Many other schools offer global management opportunites such as Stanford’s Global Management Program, HBS’ international clubs, Columbia’s Global Social Venture Competition, and Haas’ International Business Development program.  Clearly, business schools offer much more than just traditional MBA coursework.  As an applicant, you should do your homework early — read through websites, visit campus, and speak with recent alumni — to determine which school is the right fit for you.

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