Haas’ Dean Lyons Identifies 10 Business Trends

Dean Rich Lyons of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, in the news regularly since unveiling curriculum changes at the school, tweeted yesterday with a link to a list of ten business trends that we thought you’d like to hear about.

  1. The trend is toward testing new business ideas with cost”effective experimentation, versus traditional planning.
  2. The trend is toward solving business problems with more discipline “upstream” at the problem finding and problem framing stages.
  3. The trend is toward flatter organizations and distributed authority, with less reliance on command and control, particularly given demographic shifting toward millennials.
  4. The trend is toward greater disruption of revenue models as new entrants get paid differently from incumbents.
  5. The trend is toward new methods for recognizing business opportunities and how to approach them.
  6. The trend is toward transparency in decision”making, while maintaining flexibility over time in organizational structure and decision rights.
  7. The trend is toward more disciplined approaches to business risk selection.
  8. The trend is toward more fluid boundaries of the organization and greater weight on stakeholders with conflicting interests.
  9. The trend is toward organizing work in highly interdependent teams.
  10. The trend is toward new ideas and their implementation as the engine of economic value.

To read The Economist’s coverage of the curriculum changes at the school, click here. And to see a nifty illustration of “The New Path to Innovative Leadership at Haas”, follow this link.

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