Haas Launches Education Case Competition

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business hosted the first Leadership Education Case Competition on March 1 – 2. This unique competition focused on creating a new financial plan for the Oakland Unified School District, which has been experiencing significant financial troubles since 2003. In fact, a Stanford MBA graduate has been leading OUSD’s finance reform as part of the Broad Residency in Urban Education, which places graduates from top MBA programs inleadership positions in K – 12 school districts.

The education case competition was the initiative of the Haas Leadership in Education Club and brought in students from UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Kellogg, MIT, Brandeis, and University of Georgia.

Education reform is increasingly becoming a focus at business schools. Stanford has a very active Education Club as well as the option to receive a joint degree with the School of Education. Kellogg also has an Education Industry Club. The HBS Social Enterprise Club had an education interest group during their recent Social Enterprise Conference.

The Haas Leadership Education Case Competition is a great example of how students innovate within these established school clubs. As an applicant, it is important to identify (in essays and interviews) which clubs you would like to be a part of at your target schools. Moreover, you can take your candidacy to the next level by presenting ideas on innovations you could bring to such clubs on campus. So start doing research now by visiting school websites and even getting in touch with current students to learn more clubs in your areas of interest.

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