Haas Reveals New Strategic Plan: Redefining Business Leaders

A new strategic plan at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, hinted about via Twitter for weeks now, became official yesterday in an announcement from Dean Rich Lyons.

“We live in a world where value in the marketplace is increasingly driven by ideas that are not yet widely known nor fully proven. This is true whether you’re producing cars or producing what are clearly products of the mind,” says Dean Lyons.

“We wanted to be out in front of this shift and produce the kind of leaders who can deliver into these future needs.”

Following discussions with Haas faculty, students, staff, alumni, and business leaders over the past year, the plan sets forth Four Defining Principles that reflect the strengths of Haas culture in ways that also differentiate the school. They are:

  • Question the status quo
  • Confidence without attitude
  • Students always
  • Beyond yourself

Three areas of strategic focus, funded by the school’s ongoing $300 million capital campaign, The Campaign for Haas, will include core curriculum changes and new extracurricular programs; expansion of tenure-track faculty and greater commitment to the school’s intellectual agenda; and campus improvements that encourage learning and teamwork.

For more on how Haas plans to redefine the business school graduate, read about the strategic plan here. Also, check out the Dean’s message in this short video.


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