Harvard Business School’s Program for NFL Players

“Do I need an MBA?”
Niravk and Mocha began their blogs by asking this question. I am often asked this question as well. As an MBA Admissions Consultant, my initial answer surprises a lot of people: “An MBA is rarely necessary“. However, it is an extremely useful tool in more situations than one might think. If you are 26 years old and on a particulr career track, you might be surprised by how many twists and turns your intended career can take. You may change your mind about what you want to do, or unfortunately, your employer may change its mind about you! The MBA will be a constant on your resume, and the knowledge and network are forever in your toolkit. The beauty of the MBA is that the exposure to new subjects, activities and companies as well as differing perspectives and diverse people truly expands your mind and you very well may graduate with different goals than you had in mind when you started.

The MBA is an incredibly flexible degree, that can pave the way for you to achieve so many goals, many of them far from the traditional picture of “business”. I found it interesting that twenty-eight NFL players representing teams from across the league, including the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, are now at Harvard Business School taking part in an executive education program that addresses the business opportunities and challenges faced by NFL players during and following their professional football careers.

The NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program is part of an ongoing initiative by the NFL and the NFL Players Association to help athletes prepare for life after football. So you see, the benefits of an MBA go far beyond that Associate banking position that you land straight out of school. Whether you are deciding if you want to apply or being asked to explain why you want to attend in an interview, go beyond the immediate and obvious benefits and realize that the benefits last a lifetime and manifest themselves in many ways.

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