Harvard MBA Program Changes R1 Timeline

In an update to the Harvard Business School Director’s Blog yesterday,  Dee Leopold says HBS is experimenting with a change in their invitation to interview process for MBA program applicants. Using Round One as a trial, HBS will use the following timeline:

  • October 1 – deadline for receiving online applications
  • October 15 – November 3 – interview invitations will be issued via email
  • November 3 – all candidates not invited to interview will receive either a decision indicating that “we are unable to offer you a place in the Class of 2013” or an invitation to join our waitlist
  • November 1 – 21 – interview weeks, both on and off campus
  • December 14 – decision notification (admit, deny, or waitlist) for all interviewed candidates

“While no one applies hoping for a ‘deny’ decision, we have heard you say that the worst case is the uncertainty which can extend from October through mid-December,” Leopold explains.

The move means AdCom will be making decisions faster, and Leopold assures applicants that the school has the resources to ensure a thorough review of all written applications, which will be studied at least twice before any decision is made.

Leopold says HBS hopes this new approach will allow denied candidates to re-direct energy toward Round Two applications to other schools.

“Our plan is for waitlisted candidates to receive further consideration in Round Two. We expect all to receive a final decision with the Round Two notification date in late March. We completely understand if such a candidate would elect to withdraw his/her application,” Leopold says.

If this new system works well, HBS will replicate it in Round Two.

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