Holiday Time Management Tips for B-School Applicants

time management tips

In just under two weeks from today, the first Round 2 MBA deadlines hit. Are you ready for some last-minute time management tips? Even if you’re not a list person, it’s time to become one—at least until the rest of your applications are in.

Round 2 Still-to-Do List

Check in with recommenders

Assuming your recommenders have not yet submitted their letters, touch base with them again if it’s been more than two weeks since you last checked in. Remind them that it would be great if they could upload their responses a few days before the deadlines to avoid any last-minute system-crash drama. And thank them again for their time!

Ensuring your recommenders are on track is your top priority because this is a tough time of the year for people to be pulled away from family obligations. You know you’ll get everything in, but this isn’t consuming their lives like it is yours.

Do a document check

Make sure you have all of the documentation each school requires — things like test-score reports and undergraduate or exchange-program transcripts. If you’re missing something at this point, you’ll probably have to hustle to secure what you need.

Resume review

Finalize your resume. Many schools have cut down on essay requirements, so resumes are playing a more significant role in deciding prospective students’ fates. Your resume must tell the full story of your professional, educational, and extracurricular achievements.

Fill out those data forms with care and accuracy

Complete the applications/data forms for each school. Why do this before putting the finishing touches on your essays? Because when left to the ultimate last minute, applications fields are extremely easy to screw up.

There’s no spellcheck available on these forms, and if you’re rushing through them, you are likely to make a mistake. The adcomm should not see something riddled with typos first thing!

Polish those MBA essays

And now . . . the essays. We’ll be honest: we hope you aren’t just starting on those prompts this late in the game. But it certainly is possible to pull together quality responses within two weeks if you buckle down right this second.

You can have a few friends or family members on standby to help you firm up your themes and trim extra words. But if you’re working with an admissions consultant, don’t let advice from others derail the strategy and positioning your consultant has helped you set.

Finally, take a little time off to enjoy the holidays. And if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to read Stacy’s previous article for the Wharton Blog Network for tips on how to manage the stress of b-school applications. Good luck!

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