MBA in the news: Google takes top spot

According to Consultant, Google has topped McKinsey to be the most desired MBA employer in the US. This ends McKinsey’s twelve year reign in the top spot. Google was at 129 in 2005 and jumped to 2 in 2006. The Universum IDEAL Employer Survey reflects the opinions of over 5,000 MBA students (the largest survey of its kind).

The entire top ten:

1. Google
2. McKinsey
3. Goldman Sachs
4. Bain
5. BCG
6. Apple
7. Microsoft
8. GE
9. Nike
10. Bank of America

McKinsey still ranks as the number 1 employer among male MBAs and the number 1 in management consulting. Goldman is the top choice for aspiring investment bankers followed by Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan IB, and Merrill Lynch. IT companies did better than previous years with Google, Apple, and Microsoft all in the top 10. For students interested in consumer goods, Procter & Gamble, Google, PepsiCo, Nike, and BCG are the top 5 employers.

Blogger Chris Kerns also covered this list in his blog with some thoughts on the companies in the top spots. While it may seem premature to think about employers when you are still considering schools, you should research what your schools of interest offer in terms of professional clubs and career services. Ask questions about their recruiting process when you attend information sessions and go on campus visits. You should feel confident that your schools of choice can help you reach your career goals.

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