MBA Innovation Summit Explores Life Cycle of Ideas

On Friday, April 5th, MBA students from Yale School of Management, Columbia Business School, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School will come together for the second annual MBA Innovation Summit (MBAIS).

The student-organized MBAIS brings together innovation experts, innovative companies, and business students to discover how innovation can change, disrupt, and create value across industries. With the theme of “From Ideation to Implementation,” the event explores how ideas are formed, developed, and ultimately succeed or die out, and also seeks to examine the role of MBA students in the innovation space.

According to the Yale SOM news portal, the order of the summit sessions is intended to take participants through the stages of an idea. Bookended by an ideation workshop at the beginning of the day and a keynote debate at the end, the sessions will explore critical points in innovation: How do you recognize a good idea? How do you bring a good idea to life? Why do some good ideas fail?

Yale SOM student Deirdre Cerminaro ’13, a co-founder of the summit, had this to say about the philosophy behind the event: “We face a new state of business that requires the ability to see around corners, manage complexity, and work fluidly across disciplines and sectors. The MBA Innovation Summit is a forum for open dialog on how to identify, prioritize, and nurture innovation. These are critical skills for future business leaders.”

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