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MBA Podcaster recently interviewed Jeremy Dann, consultant with Stacy Blackman Consulting for their most recent podcast: MBA Must Reads. The podcast discusses the top books to prepare you for your application, business school and your career beyond. Jeremy was joined by a panel of experts:
– David Maister, Harvard Business School graduate and professor turned author/consultant
– Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point
– Jeremy Dann, Harvard Business School graduate and MBA admission consultant with Stacy Blackman Consulting
– Christie Jean-Baptiste, management consultant at Accenture and part-time MBA student at Syracuse University

This podcast presents an interesting perspective – it’s not about “MBA how to” books, but about other books that can help you become more interesting and informed overall. As Jeremy says in the podcast, “Just be reading, be pursuing your interests so you’re a more interesting person for the interview process and you have more interesting viewpoints when you’re writing.”

In addition to providing a reading list, Jeremy and the other guests make some great points with regards to what the MBA programs are looking for. As Jeremy says, “Sometimes I worry that when people get their focus on going to business school they try to become way too ‘businessy’. Business school wants to train leaders for the world; a lot of us are going to ride up through the business ranks but a lot will lead social causes, or get back into other fields like medicine…they’re not just doing investment banking, consulting and brand management.”

I hope you find this podcast to be a useful tool in your MBA prep plans.

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