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The Wall Street fallout has spurred people to look for an escape route while waiting out the financial storm. Business schools across the country are bracing for the impact as they encounter a surge in applications this year to their full-time MBA programs, Wall Street Journal reports.

On October 14, four members of London Business School‘s economics faculty shared their perspectives on “The World Economy: Where have all the good times gone?” Outlining the causes of the current crisis, Professor Hélène Rey described a series of macroeconomic factors, starting with the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act in the United States, which accelerated the move of commercial banks into more risky investments.

With any fast-developing economy comes a need for skilled leaders, strategists and managers to take that economy forward. With a country as vast and well-resourced as Russia the need is paramount and the country’s ambitious MBAs have always looked overseas for their business education. Until now, Top MBA reports.

What do you do if you’ve got a legal or academic problem in your past? BusinessWeek offers some advice for B-school applicants.

Babson College has received a $10.8 million gift from the Lewis Charitable Foundation for the establishment of an institute to support teaching, research, and outreach in social entrepreneurship.  The Lewis Institute will develop leaders, create knowledge, and grow new enterprises to solve compelling global problems.

Duke University finance professor Campbell Harvey recommends steps to instill confidence in the financial sector and says it’s not surprising that global markets are reacting negatively to the $700 billion bailout plan because it “represents a drop in the bucket to the problems we face.”

Real estate expert Casey Wold recently visited Kellogg School of Management and had some predictions of big changes for his industry. When the U.S. economy wakes up from its current slump, Wold forecasts that the real estate business will get back to its roots.

Top international business school INSEAD has created the INSEAD Gender Diversity Initiative to coordinate, support and build on the school’s many activities relating to women’s participation in business and business education. Its creation reaffirms the school’s commitment to harnessing the management potential of women from diverse cultures throughout the world.

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