MBA News Bites-Part I

Stacy Blackman’s Weekly Roundup of B-School Intelligence

B-school trends come and go, reports BusinessWeek’s Francesca Levy, but one that seems to have legs is the creation of specialized MBA programs, particularly by second-tier schools. But is a specialized program always a good choice for an MBA student? Not necessarily, Levy asserts.

The HBS Director’s Blog addresses the question this week of whether visiting the campus will help your chances of admission. The short answer: Whether you visit or not will have absolutely no impact on how your application is considered.

As many non-profit organizations strive to make their operations more professional, the Financial Times has found that a growing number of their employees are choosing to take an MBA. No longer are executives seeking qualifications that would help them in the non-profit sector heading solely to policy schools or  programs in education or non-profit management.

Richard Zannino, former CEO of Dow Jones & Company, has been appointed Columbia Business School’s newest executive in residence. In this role, Zannino will have the opportunity to give guest lectures, work with campus clubs and conduct brown-bag luncheons for students with common interests. More importantly, he will also be available for one-on-one counseling sessions to advise students on career planning and strategy, among other topics relating to professional development.

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