“On A Pursuit of Awesomeness”

Give yourself a hand.


I know it seems ridiculous, but take a moment to step away from the stresses of the business school admissions process, and give yourself a pat on the back.


You’re doing it, that’s why.

You are doing what hundreds of thousands of people your age and older only talk about. You’re on the path to business school. You’re pursuing a dream and, more importantly, making it happen.

So when it feels like you can’t see the forest through the admissions essay, take a moment to give yourself a hand. You’re making things happen.  You’re on the verge of “awesomeness.”


I’ve been advising business school candidates for a long time. And to be perfectly honest with you, it never gets old. In fact, the longer I work with people just like you, the more invigorated I am by the process.  I love taking each year’s worth of case studies with me into the next, so we can build, learn and most importantly, get in!

I also love thinking out of the box and trying something new.

Which is how I started my Tuesday Tip videos. Simply put, it was a new way to get more people the answers to their very pressing questions. My clients are unique, but their questions aren’t. A lot of you have the same things on your mind.  So my Tuesday Tips are designed to take those oft-asked questions and answer them for as many of you as possible.

So this week, a client named Jason asked a great question that so many you have on your mind.  With a few years until he applies to business school, Jason is choosing his path and wants to know the “right” job to take.  Fortunately, he’s got choices: a start up that fits right into his sweet spot or a reliable firm whose name any admissions director will know.

Maybe you’ve been in the same position: deciding between your passion and a brand name job that (you assume) will look better on your resume, and ultimately better help you get accepted to business school.  What’s the right one to take? The brand name, right?

You’re going to have to click on the video to get my answer to Jason’s question.


I’m pretty sure my answer will surprise you.  But that’s what’s great about working with all of you; the process is always full of surprises.

Once you have viewed the video, I’d love to hear from you.  Are you facing any life choices that you feel play into the admissions process?  Let me know your dilemma in the comments below”“ perhaps I will even feature your story on a future video!

Wherever you are on the path, do remember that it takes more courage to pursue one’s dreams than to talk about them.  Awesomeness is in your future. What a wonderful surprise!

Until next time,


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