Reapplying to B-School? Check Out These Tips First!

If you’re reapplying to business school this season because you didn’t make it the first time around, read this article published Friday on which offers tips to increase your chances of getting in.

Stacy Blackman spoke to Forbes to offer her take on the reasons one might not have succeeded in the past. Though it’s rarely one thing, she points to frequent red flags that include a lack of leadership skills and experience, less than stellar recommendations and low GMAT test scores or undergraduate grade point averages.

One aspect that can be problematic for applicants is recommendation letters. Since you usually won’t see the finished product, it’s important to guide your recommenders by reminding them of concrete examples of your leadership skills and accomplishments. Blackman suggests saying something like, “I want you to feel comfortable, but I also want to make it as easy as possible for you, so I put together this list of accomplishments.”

Blinded by the slew of rankings available these days, many applicants lose sight of finding the school that’s the best fit for them, as Darden’s Dean Bruner mentioned in this post last week. “Some people apply to the wrong places for them. They need to do some soul-searching before they reapply,” Blackman says.

Lastly, many schools include an additional essay question directed to reapplicants so that they might better understand what’s changed in your situation to make you a stronger candidate this time around. Of course you should stress your new accomplishments, but Blackman encourages applicants to also address any weaknesses they may have. “Be aware of your failures and address them,” says Blackman. “Be humble.”


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