Rising Farmworker Pre-MBA Fellowship

One of our consultants has founded an organization aimed at giving back to the US farmworking community. The following information summarizes an amazing opportunity his organization is providing to eligible applicants:

The Rising Farmworker Dream Fund is proud to announce its first annual Pre-MBA Fellowship. The award is intended to encourage the sons and daughters of farmworkers to purse MBA degrees from top business schools and in turn, develop more leaders who will channel resources to the U.S. farmworking community.

Ӣ Must be son/daughter of a farm worker and/or have worked in the agricultural sector as farm laborer for minimum of five years
Ӣ Willing to commit to a minimum of 50 community service hours within the farm working community (scope of community service project to be determined later)
Ӣ Applying to top business school with expected graduation date in 2010
Ӣ Demonstrated willingness to help improve the lives of farmworkers and migrant students
Ӣ Demonstrated leadership skills in the community, business, or other areas

Ӣ Amount: $5,000 per student WOW!
Ӣ Mentoring Service: Includes a Minimum 50 hours of personal mentoring from graduates of Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg and other top business schools that will assist recipient through the MBA admissions process WOW!
Ӣ $500 stipend before application process (can be used for GMAT prep, other expenses)
Ӣ $2,000 will be awarded upon gaining acceptance to top 30 business school(s)-see attached list of eligible MBA Programs
Ӣ $2,500 will be awarded during the second year after completion of the Community Service Projects

Application Process:
Ӣ Eligible candidates must complete the pre-MBA fellowship application online
Ӣ Application Deadline: 08/13/2007
Ӣ Candidates Notified by: 08/27/2007
Ӣ Reference checks will be required, including proof of connection to the farmworking community
Ӣ Phone and/or in-person interviews may be required

I definitely encourage anyone who qualifies to apply for this amazing opportunity.

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